About Milano United F.C.


The creation and administration of a football club that will act as a base for a unified support system to assist in addressing the soccer needs of our growing community and its youth and to give the opportunities our youth deserves.


To improve the quality and opportunities of our youth, through football, as well as the overall standard of the South African Football industry. To achieve this, we need to be a profitable football organisation, professional in all our actions and gain the recognition of being the best football club, in South Africa.


Our values are ‘Uniting the youth”

  • Creating opportunities for freedom of expression on the playing fields by our youth
  • Encouraging teamwork in all our actions
  • A humbling approach to accompany our professionalism
  • Overall club profitability to sustain our organisation

Milano History

  •  1986-Sunday league social team, playing on different tournament under different names, from tournament to tournament, same players, until Omar Appels formed it as a social club, Milano United. Omar’s brother Sayed Appels, key figure to taking club to South Peninsula, who started as a striker, became a standout goalkeeper, when asked to deputise.
  • Two years in social tournaments, Grassy park areas as a social club,1989-Registered with South Peninsula Football union, under auspicious of Western province football board (Vincent Baartjies,secretary)Two senior teams and 5 junior teams 10,12,14,16,18
  • Western province board association cup-FA Cup for all new teams-Winners,1989,Moglies… as well as league winners
  • 1990-Eligebile to play in Virginia Challenge cup(FA Cup, western province)Winners as debutants, versus a well known and established Moonlighters. 1-0 Imraan Davids, Current GM was an 18 year old player in that team.Nasief Brenner, Current Chairman was playing his football as a junior in the under 10 ranks
  • Run-up to Virginia cup,Sayed Appels received the Virginia cup player of the week award
  • Most lethal striker in Cape Town, Henry “Billy” Kruger was an integral part of the successful Virginia cup team
  • 1991- Milano as cup winners played against Liverpool in the Sparletta cup, Liverpool was the most feared team in the Western Cape at the time, suffered a historic defeat to Milano 1-0.
  • 1993 super league
  • Quarter final lost to PE Tech
  • Over the years the team continued to play in many cup competitions as western province representatives, with relevant successes
  • 1994 Winners of Hunters Gold Cup, Sea Point swifts formely the Virginia cup.Milano 2 Swifts 0-Henry Kruger.
  • 1996- Crowned Iwisa Maize national cup champions ,the final was played in Kimberley against Basotho Tigers with a youthful side, which was part of the clubs philosophy of encouraging youth to play ,beating them 1-0.andre Coetzee who  just turned 17 ,later went on to play for Cape Town Spurs
  • 1997 Promotion to United bank first division
  • Promoted into the 2nd division in 1994 ,then promoted into the coastal first division, playing against the likes of Seven Stars.Coached by Sayed Appels
  • Following year franchise was sold due to financial constraints to Colin gie who subsequently formed FC fortune and participated in the 1st Division
  • 2002 sold to steenberg for Vodacom
  • 2003-2006 no Vodacom(Amateur)
  • 2004, Winners of the Coke Challenge cup, with the customary youthful philosophy.
  • An amalgamation with Zayne Khan saw the club participate in the Castle 3rd division as CT Milano Hotspurs. Passionate followers and supporters of the club still new the team as Milano
  • 2005, Milano joined the Cape Town District football union.
  • 2007-2008 Season, Visionary chairman, Nasief Brenner bought the Lentegeur Vodacom 2nd division franchise, owned by former Bafana Bafana player, Nasief Morris and co-owned by current (2012) Orlando Pirates Goalkeeper, Moeneeb Josephs.
  • The purchase therefore resulted in the club name changing back to the original name of Milano United, with the semi professional team competing in the Vodacom 2nd Division, whilst the club rejoined the Southern Suburbs LFA.
  • 2008-2100 saw the club end in the top 3 positions, until becoming eventual winners in 2011-2012 seasons. The team then participated in the Vodacom national playoffs and won promotion to the National First Division.
  • 1st year 5th,2nd 3rd,2nd,2nd,5th year winners
  • Every tournament won by Milano sponsorship ended,cup holders of all cups.