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Match Report: Vasco 0-1 Milano

Match Report: Milano 1-1 Santos

Match Report: Milano 3-0 Cape Town All Stars

Match Report: Milano 0-2 Highlands Park

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Mbombela United
Milano United

Date: 2015-10-25
Time: 15:30
Location: Nelspruit

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Club News

Chairman – Nasief Brenner

Chairman’s Welcome

Dear Supporters,

It is indeed my honor and esteem privilege to offer, on behalf of Milano United football club, our sincere gratitude to you, our loyal and committed supporters for the NFD season which has concluded.

The club remains on course for our main objective which is the progression into the premier soccer league of South African football. Although we have not achieved the desired results in our previous campaign, I can assure you that the entire club soles focus is achieving the objective in the not too distant future. The club continues to progress and all efforts are being undertaken to ensure that as a joyful voice, WE ALL celebrate our successes.

It was only a matter of a few weeks ago we, as a Club, were enjoying the fruits of competing for the prestigious honour of a possible promotional opportunity, it was unfortunately not a successful campaign but lessons were learnt and failure will not be a recurrence. Our playoff position was achieved by a group of honest, hard-working and committed players that battled every step of the way to achieve the final accolade, with a Manager and backroom staff who meticulously planned every move and a general staff who worked continuously to afford the team the backup they required to do their jobs so effectively.

It must also be said that all those efforts wouldn’t and couldn't have come to anything without the dedication, support and loyalty of each and every one of you that supported by your attendance and your passion for your Club. I would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate the importance which I believe you all held to the success of the team, the part you all play in transmitting your positive energy on a match day to the players on the pitch, however so they were playing at any one time, the noise you create within the stadium and the atmosphere thus generated making it a real advantage to play in front of our own fans. Make no mistake, players are like anyone else, some can be sensitive, they hear comments from the crowd and whilst they are lifted and motivated by positive support, from time to time they too can have off days, bad games, games where things just don't seem to go right, but there has never been any doubt as far as I'm concerned that our players always give it their best effort, and like you all they are desperately trying to get our PSL promotion on track.

We all know there can be upwards and downward spirals in football, we've experienced both over the years, but I would urge you each to a man to come show your support, bring your friends and bring your positive voices, sing your hearts out for the team, create an electric atmosphere, banish your nerves and tensions and really focus on what's needed, and what part you can all play to help the team achieve our joint goal. I can't promise it will guarantee a win, but I can tell you that if ever there's a time for you all to play the 13th man, it will be in the upcoming season and we have a better chance of a win on that basis than if the alternative occurs.

With best wishes,
Nasief Brenner
(Chairman, Milano United Football Club)